"Curious Cow", pastel, 8"x7", $700







"Farm in Late Summer", pastel, 18"x26", $2,650







"Fall Farmstead", pastel, 17"x23", $2,400







"Color and Light in Autmn", pastel, 18"x24", $1,750







"Yanni Pears with Crabapples", pastel, 11"x17", $1,750







"Forest", pastel, 18"x24", $2,150 SOLD







"Tranquil Moments II", oil on canvas, 11"x12", $925







"Shimmering Pool", pastel, 9"x12", $900







"Autumn Impressions", pastel, 12"x16", $900 SOLD







"Last of Snow", pastel, 9"x6", $800







"Winter's Wonder", acrylic, 24"x30", $1,750







"From Behind An Old Farmhouse", pastel, 11"x17", $1,750







"Tranquil Moments", pastel, 16"x11", $1,050







"Winter's End", pastel, 11"x17", $1,750







"Pleasures", pastel, 9"x12", $750







"Wellspring of Beauty", pastel, 14"x11", $1,750







"Lake Region", oil on canvas, 12"x36", $1,500